Why Does My Washing Machine Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Why Does My Washing Machine Smells The smell of rotten eggs in the washing machine at home may be a common problem for people who have a washing machine. The main reason for Your washing machine stink is that a long time without use can easily lead to the growth and breeding of bacteria. It is easy to produce a smell like rotten eggs.

Generally, washing machines are put in the toilet, and there is almost no chance for them to be dried in the sun. In this case, they are kept in a humid environment for a long time, the water in our washing machine will contain dirt, a free matter of washing powder, cellulose of clothes, organic matter of human body and dust and bacteria brought in by clothes, there’s a smell.

Why washing machines stink:

1. The room itself smells. It is difficult to smell the strange smell when the indoor air is not circulating (especially in newly decorated rooms). When the washing machine is turned on, the air in the whole room circulates to concentrate the strange smell to the narrow air outlet, and the smell flows faster.

2. The sponge or flannelette pasted on the tuyere of the internal engine has become moldy. It has a peculiar smell because of the excessive time spent or the excessive humidity in the user’s environment.

3, due to the internal plastic parts of the frequent thermal expansion cold contraction, resulting in plastic parts emitting odor.

4, long time did not clean the indoor machine filter screen, dustproof screen, and indoor evaporator surface for simple cleaning maintenance, resulting in mildew, deterioration, operating when blowing out the odor.

5. There is too much dirt on the sleeve of the washing machine. There is a sleeve outside the washing machine, and the washing water flows back and forth between the two layers.

If you pull the sleeve out, you can see that the dirt in the interlayer is very serious. The diet consists of water-dirt in the tap water, free matter in the washing powder, cellulose in the clothes, organic matter in the human body, and dust and bacteria brought in by the clothes, firmly attached to the interlayer of the washing machine, it breeds and ferments at room temperature.

They not only in the washing of clothes serious secondary pollution but also harmful to human health. Therefore, we need to clean the washing machine frequently and disinfect it,

How to prevent washing machine odors:

1. After each use of the washing machine, the washing machine barrel will have a small amount of water, easy to breed various bacteria and microorganisms.

So usually, each time after washing clothes, do not immediately close the washing machine cover, but let the barrel air-dry naturally;

2, the washing machine collection of small bags of fluff should also be timely cleaning, the best each time after washing the clothes can be taken out to rinse, dry, do not accumulate a lot of dirt after cleaning, because that will breed bacteria.

3. The most important thing is to clean the washing machine regularly.

We can use a soft cloth dipped in detergent to wash the washing machine bucket again, some small areas with a toothbrush, and then dry with a soft cloth.

We can also use vinegar instead of detergent. Vinegar has the efficacy of sterilization. The vinegar will be dipped in a dishcloth, and washing machine slot wipes clean, meet the narrow groove, and use cotton stick dip vinegar pick clean.

Generally speaking, the newly bought washing machine, after using half a year, every two to three months, should be cleaned and disinfected once.

Washing machine cleaning needs attention: try not to put the washing machine in the bathroom. Like other electrical appliances, washing machines have internal motors and a large number of metal parts that are sensitive to moisture. If it is allowed to work in a humid environment for a long time, there are potential safety problems in electricity use.

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