Can Cockroaches Survive Washing Machine?

Can Cockroaches Survive Washing Machine Cockroaches prefer to live in warm, moist, food-rich, and crevice-rich habitats. These are the four basic conditions they need to survive and reproduce.

The washing machine does all of these things, so the cockroach can survive and live in the machine.

But cockroaches are electronics killers.

What are the dangers of cockroaches to washing machines:

1. Cockroaches crawl into the computer screen of the washing machine. Of course, it’s usually the little ones that creep in because they’re small, but the big ones don’t crawl in, and the little ones multiply, and then more of them appear, which can damage the display and make it impossible to use.

2. Cockroaches crawl to places with a heat source on the circuit board inside the washing machine. Especially in cold weather, cockroaches like to move to areas with a heat source and then gnaw away at the wiring inside, causing the washing machine to malfunction.

3. The cockroach crawls into the washing machine and washes with the clothes, while the cockroach can die in the washing machine and, along with other grime, reinfects people through their clothes and has an impact on their health.

How to get rid of cockroaches in washing machines

The washing machine has cockroach how should exterminate, also become the problem that everybody urgently needs to solve.

Washing machines are electrical, and killing cockroaches is special, not all of them.

General spray can not be sprayed directly to the washing machine, and this is easy to cause a short circuit, the powder of cockroach drug contact with water on the failure, also not suitable for use in the washing machine.

The perfect gel bait for washing machines is cockroach killing bait. Why use gel bait to kill cockroaches in washing machines?

In addition to using gel bait to kill cockroaches, we should also check and clean the washing machine regularly. The surface of the washing machine should be wiped clean after use, keep it as dry as possible, not too wet, and the inside of the washing machine should also be cleaned regularly, to reduce cockroach infestation.

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