How to Remove Mold from Washing Machine

How to Remove Mold from Washing Machine A washing machine is one of the necessary appliances in our home. It gives us convenience but also can be a source of disease. To eliminate the mold in the washing machine has become the topic that we should pay close attention to!

Here’s how to get rid of the mold in your washing machine!

For modern people, life is much simpler, washing and cooking do not have to do, a variety of household appliances to help everyone solve.

Washing clothes every time dirty clothes into the washing machine, although the stain will be able to wash clothes, the deep level of mold is an invisible threat.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The data showed that the total coliform group detection rate was 100%, the mold detection rate was 60.2%, and the highest mold number was 4566/L after 30 minutes of water injection. The mold count of the automatic washing machine is 2.6 times that of the double cylinder, and that of the drum washing machine is 2 times that of the roller type.

After 5 months of using the new washing machine, the mold in the barrel began to increase significantly, especially easy to parasitize in the layer of dirt.

At this point, your washing machine has become a veritable breeding ground for mold. It looks clean on the surface, but it’s a real mess inside if you take it apart.

More frightening is attached to clothing, clothing becomes another hotbed of mold, weak resistance, is likely to have allergic dermatitis and mold, may also be through the wound into the body, to your family health threats.

How to Remove Mold from Rubber Seal on Washing Machine

1. Disconnecting the power supply of the washing machine and wiping the moldy leather ring with a wet rag;

2. Spray laundry detergent or mildew remover on the moldy areas

To be sprayed after the end of the toothbrush or other soft brush, gently brush moldy parts;

When washing to see a stain out, you can use a cloth to wipe the dirt clean.

3. Repeat the above steps 2 times, according to the washing machine leather ring moldy degree of cleaning.

If, after such cleaning, they still have stubborn mildew spots difficult to remove, they can choose 84 disinfection solution or bleach and other powerful decontamination solvent spray in the skin circle mildew spot. After spraying, wear gloves for scrubbing to avoid strong stain remover on the hand skin.

It is recommended that after each wash, wipe the leather ring and the water stains around it with a clean towel, open the door and let it air dry before closing. This is more than enough to greatly reduce the occurrence of the washing machine leather mildew phenomenon.

How to Prevent Mildew from Growing in Washing Machines?

It can be difficult to eliminate, but we’ve collected a few tips that can help reduce mold in your washing machine.

1. Make sure the washing machine is clean and dry.

After washing clothes to keep the cover-up and be placed in a ventilated place to air, the top of the washing machine to open the door with a dry cloth will be inside the water dry. The washer with the side door will also dry the water embedded in the door washer. When not in use, the filter bag should be removed and hung out to dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.

2. Clean and disinfect your washing machine regularly

CAN use 0.02% of the oxygen-containing bleach solution spray. You can easily kill mold.

Mold is very sensitive to temperature. The survival rate is very low at 35 °C and almost zero at 45 °C.

So every two to three months, with the bathwater mixed with oxygen, bleach will be a washing machine barrel soaked overnight or with 45 °C of hot water cleaning to kill the mold effect effectively.

If not, the right amount of vinegar into the full water of the washing machine, electric rotation 2-3 times, placed for an hour, and then following the normal washing process to the end can also play a role in killing mold.

3. Wash clothes immediately out of the air, do not stuffy in the washing machine inside.

The best washed clothes in the Sun, through the Sun’s ultraviolet sterilization. Conditional also can choose to buy a dryer for clothing dehydration.


These are some of the best ways to prevent mold from growing in your washing machine. Usually, after 5 months of using a new washing machine, the bacteria start to grow, and you need to wash them regularly.

Now many supermarkets have convenient and practical washing machine disinfection cleaning agents. Washing machine in many molds, most of it is “Wu” out, such as washing clothes directly on the cover, it is easy to breed bacteria.

The easiest way to keep your clothes clean is to let them dry for an hour or two after washing. Baby clothes are best washed by hand.

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