How to Wash Allbirds Shoes: A Simple Guide to Fresh Kicks!

Have you ever looked down at your favorite pair of Allbirds and thought, “Yikes, these need a serious clean-up!”? You’re not alone. Keeping our shoes spotless is a challenge we all face. But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through the “how to wash Allbirds shoes” maze.

Remember when I first faced this dilemma? My beloved Allbirds were looking pretty grim. Dirt, stains, and all that daily wear and tear – yep, I’ve been there too. After scouring the internet and experimenting with several methods, I finally cracked the code to return them to their pristine glory!

You might think, “Is it really that simple?” Absolutely! I’ve done the legwork and sifted through tons of information, and now I have the best, fool-proof method to share with you. Just follow my steps, and you’ll see the magic happen.

Imagine slipping your feet into fresh, clean, almost-new-looking Allbirds. That’s what you’re about to experience. Ready to bring back that brand-new shoe feeling? Let’s dive in!

How to Wash Allbirds Shoes: Everything You Need

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of cleaning Allbirds, let’s talk about what you’ll need. Trust me, having the right stuff on hand makes all the difference!

The Essentials:

  1. Mild Detergent: You don’t want anything too harsh. A gentle, eco-friendly laundry detergent works best. It’s tough on dirt but kind to your shoes.
  2. Soft Brush or Cloth: A soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush is perfect for scrubbing without damaging the material.
  3. Cold Water: Hot water can be a no-no for Allbirds. It can mess with the shape and size of your shoes. Stick with cold to play it safe.
  4. Towel or Cloth for Drying: After washing, you’ll need a clean towel or cloth to pat them dry.

Alternative Solutions:

You might wonder, “Can I just throw them in the washing machine?” Well, yes and no. Allbirds can be machine-washed, but there are some caveats. If you choose this route, here are a few extra things to keep in mind:

  1. Laundry Bag: Put your shoes in a laundry bag to protect them during the wash cycle.
  2. Gentle Cycle: Always use the gentle cycle with cold water.
  3. No Dryer: Never put Allbirds in the dryer. Air dry them instead.

My Recommendation:

I prefer hand washing. Why? It gives you more control. You can gently target specific stains and avoid the rough-and-tumble of a washing machine. But if you’re pressed for time or have a less soiled pair, the machine wash method works fine – remember to use a laundry bag and the gentle cycle!

Armed with these tools and tips, you can tackle washing your Allbirds. Let’s get to the next step: the actual cleaning process!

How to Wash Allbirds Shoes: Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping your Allbirds clean doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can quickly refresh your shoes and extend your life by breaking down the process into manageable steps. Let’s go through a detailed, 7-step guide to ensure your Allbirds look as good as new.

Step 1: Preparing Your Shoes

Removing Loose Dirt

Start by removing any loose dirt or debris from your Allbirds. Gently tap the shoes together outside or over a trash can. You can use a soft-bristled brush to brush off the surface dirt. Be gentle to avoid damaging the material.

Preparing the Washing Solution

Mix a small bowl of mild detergent with cold water in a small bowl. Remember, the key here is to use cold water to prevent shrinking or warping your shoes. The detergent should be eco-friendly and gentle, as harsh chemicals can damage the wool fabric of Allbirds.

Step 2: Removing Insoles and Laces


Carefully remove the insoles from your Allbirds. These should be washed separately to ensure a thorough cleaning. Place them aside for now.


Next, take out the laces. These can be washed separately in the same detergent solution. Soaking them while you clean the rest of the shoe ensures they get a deep clean.

Step 3: Spot Cleaning

Identifying Stains

Before diving into a complete wash, tackling any specific stains is essential. Use your soft brush or cloth to apply the detergent solution to stained areas gently. Rub gently in a circular motion.

Avoiding Rough Scrubbing

Be cautious not to scrub too hard, which can damage the wool. If the stain is stubborn, let the detergent sit for a few minutes before gently brushing again.

Step 4: Hand Washing the Shoes

Gentle Washing

Now, dip your brush or cloth into the detergent solution and gently clean the entire surface of each shoe. Work in sections, covering all areas, including the tongue and sides.


Once gently scrubbing the entire shoe, rinse them with cold water. Remove all soap; the leftover detergent can attract more dirt over time.

Step 5: Washing Insoles and Laces


Now, return to the insoles. Use your brush to scrub them gently with the detergent solution. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.


Do the same for the laces. Ensure they are utterly soap-free before setting them aside to dry.

Step 6: Drying Your Allbirds

Air Drying

The key to drying Allbirds is to avoid direct heat or sunlight, which can damage them. Gently squeeze out excess water from the shoes, insoles, and laces, then let them air dry.

Avoiding Direct Heat

Never use a dryer or place them near a heater. Instead, find a well-ventilated area with indirect sunlight or a gentle breeze. Stuffing the shoes with paper towels can help them maintain shape and absorb moisture.

Step 7: Reassembling Your Shoes

Ensuring Complete Dryness

Ensure your shoes, insoles, and laces are completely dry before reassembling. This might take a day or two, depending on the humidity and temperature.

Putting It All Back Together

Once dry, reinsert the insoles and replace your shoes. They should look and feel fresh, just like new.

Following these steps, you clean your Allbirds and maintain their quality and comfort. This thorough cleaning ensures that your shoes are not just superficially clean but deeply refreshed, ready for your next adventure. Remember, gentle care is vital to keeping your Allbirds in top condition!

Wash Allbirds Shoes FAQ

Navigating the do’s and don’ts of washing Allbirds shoes can raise quite a few questions. Let’s dive into some of the most common queries to ensure you have everything you need for spotless shoes.

Can I Machine Wash My Allbirds?

The Machine Washing Debate

Yes, you can machine wash most Allbirds shoes, but there are essential guidelines to follow. Use a gentle cycle with cold water and place your shoes in a laundry bag for extra protection. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage the natural materials. While machine washing is convenient, it can be rougher on your shoes than hand washing. Therefore, if your Allbirds aren’t heavily soiled, hand washing is a safer option.

Can I Dry My Allbirds in the Dryer?

The Risks of Machine Drying

No, it’s not recommended to dry Allbirds in a dryer. The high heat can cause shrinkage, warping, or damage to the natural materials. Instead, air-dry your shoes in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Stuff them with paper towels or a towel to help them retain their shape and absorb moisture. Patience is vital; let them dry completely before wearing them again.

How Often Should I Clean My Allbirds?

Balancing Cleanliness and Care

The frequency of washing depends on how often you wear them and in what conditions. If you wear your Allbirds daily or are in dirty condition, consider cleaning them every two to three weeks. For less frequent use, a monthly clean might suffice. Remember, excessive washing can shorten the lifespan of your shoes, so balance cleanliness with care.

Can I Use Bleach on My Allbirds?

The Dangers of Bleach

Using bleach on Allbirds is a big no-no. Bleach is too harsh for the delicate wool and can cause discoloration and damage to the fibers. Stick to a mild, eco-friendly detergent. If you need to tackle tough stains, pre-treat them with a stain remover that’s safe for wool before washing.

How Do I Remove Odors from My Allbirds?

Tackling Shoe Odors

To remove odors, start by washing your Allbirds as described above. If the odor persists, try sprinkling baking soda inside the shoes and let it sit overnight before shaking it out. You can also place a few dry tea bags inside each shoe to absorb odors. Remember, regular cleaning and airing out your shoes can prevent odor buildup.

Is It Safe to Use a Stain Remover on My Allbirds?

Choosing the Right Stain Remover

Yes, you can use a stain remover, but ensure it’s safe for wool. Test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to check for adverse reactions. Apply the stain remover gently, following the product’s instructions, before washing the shoes as usual.

How Can I Protect My Allbirds After Washing?

Post-Wash Protection

After washing and thoroughly drying your Allbirds, consider using a water and stain-repellent spray designed for wool. This can help protect them from future stains and water damage. However, ensure the product is safe for wool and apply it according to the instructions.

Can I Wash the Insoles of My Allbirds?

Insole Care

Yes, the insoles of Allbirds can and should be washed. Remove them from the shoes and gently scrub them with the same mild detergent solution. Rinse thoroughly and let them air dry completely before placing them back in the shoes. This helps maintain hygiene and comfort.

Should I Use Hot or Cold Water for Washing?

The Importance of Water Temperature

Always use cold water for washing Allbirds. Hot water can shrink and damage the wool material. Cold water is gentle and effective, especially with a mild detergent.

By addressing these common questions, you can confidently care for your Allbirds, ensuring they stay clean, comfortable, and durable for as long as possible. Remember, gentle and regular maintenance is the key to keeping your Allbirds in great shape!

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Washing Allbirds Shoes

In wrapping up, we’ve covered everything you need to know about keeping your Allbirds shoes in top-notch condition. From gathering the right cleaning supplies to executing a detailed, step-by-step cleaning process, we’ve explored how simple yet effective it can be to breathe new life into your favorite footwear. Remember, regular cleaning maintains the aesthetic appeal of your Allbirds and extends their lifespan, ensuring they remain comfortable and stylish for longer. By following these guidelines, you’ll enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean shoes that feel just as good as they look.

This guide is more than just a cleaning tutorial; it’s an essential tool for any Allbirds owner. Understanding how to care for your shoes correctly solves the common dilemma of maintaining their unique material, ensuring they complement your lifestyle and wardrobe. By implementing these tips, you’re not just cleaning your shoes; you’re preserving an investment in quality, comfort, and sustainability.

Did you find this guide on how to wash Allbirds shoes helpful? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you know someone else who might benefit from these tips, feel free to share this article with them. Sharing knowledge is a great way to help others keep their beloved Allbirds in great shape, just like yours. Let’s spread the word on easy, effective shoe care!

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